Our history - and why we are here

Charity Solutions was born from TigerRidge, a long established IT consultancy company which has been working with a variety of customers, including charities and NFPs, for many years.

While working with charities, the TigerRidge directors and staff became aware that many of these organisations were uncertain about dealing with IT companies that also had commercial organisations as customers.  For a variety of reasons, many charities and NFPs only wished to deal with companies that devoted themselves solely to their specific arena.  However, as IT professionals, TigerRidge saw that not every charity-centred IT company out there was as good as it could be - some were great, some were average and some were (frankly) using the lack of IT knowledge within some charities to completely rip them off - charging astronomical prices for products and services which were pretty average at best and often pretty substandard.

As both IT professionals and people who cared about the charities involved (both the people working there and all the donors who had given money to those charities), TigerRidge were not happy to see this happening.  But since many charities were still distrustful of TigerRidge simply because of its commercial customers, there was only a certain amount that TigerRidge could do to help.

The idea of starting a new company devoted solely to charities and NFPs had been "simmering" on the TigerRidge burner for some time, but in February 2007 our new company was officially "born", and, after we explained to the Charity Commission why we wanted to start the company, we were allowed to call it Charity Solutions Limited - something we are very proud of.

Charity Solutions is now working hard to provide IT consultancy to an steadily increasing range of charities of all types and sizes.  We are all happy to be providing a professional, honest and ethical service to charities and NFP organisations all over England and the rest of the UK.




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