Who we are

This is the area where on all those nice glossy websites they publish cheesy pictures of key company people in suitably corporate poses.  We are really sorry, but we have all whimped out of the picture bit for the moment - not because we don't want you to know what we look like, simply because most of us want to loose a significant proportion of our body weight before setting foot in front of a camera.  But just as soon as we either become the lean, fit beings we dream of, or get rich enough to employ some really good photo "touch up" wizards, we promise to endow the website with our wonderful pictures!

But in the meantime, here is a quick - and portrait-free -  introduction.


Anne Skinner - Managing Director

Anne has worked in the IT industry for more years than she would wish to admit to, originally training as an engineer but later moving into general IT and network management, then into the general business and operations areas, working at a number of IT consultancy and supply companies. 

She is a founder director of Charity Solutions and is the person ultimately responsible for ensuring that the company does the best job it possibly can, in as honest and ethical a way as possible. 

You can contact Anne by email - anne@charitysolutions.co.uk  or by phone on the main Charity Solutions number.


David Skinner - Technical Director

David has worked in the IT industry since almost the "birth" of PCs.  The stories of him, as a lowly technical support engineer, dealing with a salesman called Alan Sugar are all totally true.  He has moved on a lot since them - through a number of senior management and director roles at high profile IT organisations (though sadly not into Mr Sugar's millions) and there isn't much in the IT industry that he hasn't seen, fixed, modified or taken apart, so he is the perfect person to help if you are in a technical "fix".  He is the king of gadgets and can make hardware and software do things that the makers never dreamed of! 

David is also a founder director of Charity Solutions and he is responsible for the IT consultancy division and also has a watching brief to ensure that the new Charity Solutions software works as well on our customers hardware as it does on the developers' machines!

You can contact David by email - david@charitysolutions.co.uk or by phone on the main Charity Solutions number.


Our Supporting Cast

Anne and Dave are backed by a great bunch of people on the technical, sales and administration sides who are all too shy to be named on the website but who do sterling service keeping everything running smoothly.

You can contact them by phone on the main Charity Solutions number.




If you need help, why not contact us now for a no-obligation chat.